What's Your Unique Brand Voice?

I remember during our final branding engagement call, she said she wanted to open a store.

A real-life store.

A brick-and-mortar sort of situation.

Something that would require actual foot traffic in 2018.

To be honest, I thought she was crazy.

A new brand with not enough research on its customer base, an e-commerce destination that needed attention in order to grow, and (what I believed to be) a beyond risky brick-and-mortar environment in Washington, DC couldn’t possibly survive that kind of premature endeavor.

At that moment, I forget what kind of women I serve. I forgot how visionary the CEOs are that entrust me with their brands. After all, their steadfastness and snappy “yes’s” and “no’s” are the reason we vibe.

Kimberly Smith, founder of Marjani and co-founder of The Brown Beauty Co-op proved me wrong. In fact, she exceeded what I would expect of any brand in its infancy.

She opened that store. It’s fabulous.

Marjani, the brown girl beauty authority e-commerce business gave birth to the in-store collaborative venture that is The Brown Beauty Co-op.

And let me tell you, the experience created beyond those two doors in Dupont Circle couldn’t be classier of an example on how to tell a story, in real life #IRL.

In this week’s episode on The Share, I sat down with my client, friend and breakout beauty innovator to learn exactly how she transferred the magnetic brand story of her e-commerce brainchild into an in-store experience that has – in less than 18 months –  brought brown girls from everywhere together to celebrate their beauty and “Be the Possibility.”  

TUNE IN NOW to to Episode 03 on The Share to learn “How to Use Story to Create a Magnetic In-Store Experience.”

In this episode, you will learn …

-How to set an in-store mood that reflects your brand story and connects with your target customers’ shopping expectations

-How co-founder Kimberly Smith stays true to the Marjani brand voice offline through its employees, in-store signage, decor, and its sales approach

-Why it’s important for small businesses to partner with each other and the benefits they both can achieve from being “on the shelf” and “on the ground” with their target audience

-What Marjani’s core brand promise, “Be the possibility” really means to its founder and the customers it aims to serve in its in-store environment

Click here to listen in on our candid conversation and get inspired to exceed your industry’s (or your consultant’s) offline expectations!

How to Use Story to Create a Magnetic Brand Experience with Kimberly Smith of The Brown Beauty Co-Op (Podcast Episode)

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